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NYC & BEA 2007

Patrick and I are leaving for NYC on Saturday morning. We are going for a brief vacation Sat. – Wed., which is when I start working. NBN is at the BookExpo America and I am the manager for our company at this show. I just finished with most of the show details yesterday. Less stress is expected for the remaining days of this incredibly stressful week.

We will be staying at the Wellington Hotel on Saturday and then moving to the Park Central NY for Sun. – Sun.

Contact info:
Wellington Hotel
871 Seventh Ave. at 55th Street
New York, New York 10019
800-652-1212 (US & Canada only)
or (212) 247-3900

Park Central NY
870 Seventh Avenue at 56th Street
New York, NY 10019-4038

If you need to reach us please call our cell phones. I will be glued to mine the whole time I’m working.

We’ll be returning on the evening of Sunday, June 3rd.

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My Birthday

I turn 24 today.

Patrick was a sweetheart and invited our mutual friends over for a small get-together. It was fun. We played Cranium and watched “The Office”.

I really appreciate the lovely gifts that I received. Bobby and Kristy gave me a $50 gift certificate to Old Navy!!! HOLY CRAP! Thanks so much guys! You didn’t have to get me anything let alone $50!!! To OLD NAVY!

Mike and Heather gave me a very cute card. Lori and Kevin gave me a cute card as well, with a IOU WoW gift card. And Patrick gave me a lovely card as well with a 100grand (candy bar!).

Mom and Darryl gave me a card with three cards inside it. Ultimately it ended up being a $45 gift card for the Valley Mall. Thanks guys! I can use it at any store (OLD NAVY!!!) in the Valley Mall.

Lastly, I hope to have a great, low stress day tomorrow (today!) as I’ve been having some pretty stressful days at work this past week. We are hoping to get some yard work done, yet we are expecting some rain and snow (wtf?) this weekend as well. Not sure if we’ll get any of that done…..

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Pill on the Floor?

Dimenhydrinate – 44 198 | — Pill Identification Resources

I found this pill on our living room floor this morning. It’s marketed under brand names Dramamine and Gravol. We had Mike’s party last night at our house and we are thinking that someone dropped it out of their pocket or purse. I found it between the couch and the table we set up for Bobby and Kristy.

I’m upset because what if it was something dangerous and Madison found it and ate it? Patrick thinks I’m overreacting. That’s absurd. When it comes to my child I’m always going to overreact.

Pills should not be keep loose. They should be kept safe in a sealed container, preferably child resistant.

Obviously Madison didn’t find this pill first. We were lucky we found it first. Otherwise would it have been something else entirely we would not have had any idea what it was.

Please double check your pills. We don’t want to have any small children get hurt due to negligence.