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Books I’ve Pre-ordered

Do you pre-order any books? Let me know what you’ve pre-ordered via a comment!

I follow a lot of series so I usually pre-order those next in the series to ensure I get them as soon as they are released. But sometimes I forget.

Here are the books I have on pre-order as of today!

Drink Deep releases November 1. I hope to be participating in the Blog Tour, just waiting for a confirmation on a date! I just let my sister borrow this series! We’ll both be anxiously waiting for this book!

Reckoning (Strange Angels, # 5) also releases November 1. I recently shared this series with my sister and she loves it just as much as I do!

Crossed, oh how I love this series! Matched was one of my most favorite reads last year. Crossed is also releasing on Novemer 1. Man, I’m going to have a hard time deciding which November 1 release I’m going to read first! It’ll have to be one of the first two so that I can pass it along to my sister. This one will be passed on to my mother-in-law, aunt, and cousin and her daughter!

I’ve been reading so many awesome reviews of this book that I decided to pre-order the paperback edition that features the new improved cover that matches the upcoming release of Prized (Birthmarked, #2), which releases November 8th but I have a review copy waiting for me from NetGalley.

I’m a John Green fan. I haven’t read all of this books yet but I just know I’ll love them so I’m kinda saving them for a rainy day. This book is special because if you pre-order it from you will receive a first edition SIGNED copy but this is only good for pre-orders and is not guaranteed after the on-sale date, which is January 10, 2012.

There are quite a few other books I’d love to pre-order but I must feed my pre-existing conditions first. 🙂